Solfa exercise for beginners!

Hey everyone!

Solfa or solfege is a really useful tool for learning music. It's so powerful to have a single syllable that is attached to a certain sound. Over time the syllables will relate to the sound in your head and the music will come alive on the page!

The syllables that we will use for this exercise are la, do, re, mi and so. It's important that each vowel is a single sound and doesn't dip. That means that re is said like reh not ray.

This drill is one I learned on a Kodaly taster a long while back, taught to me by Maree Hennessy and I confess I don't know exactly where it came from!

Here's the drill.

You can try it along with me and try it by yourself. I did this one at la = A so this is a la pentatonic or A minor pentatonic.

Now if you found that pretty easy or you just want to know the next step try clapping this rhythm while you sing! This helps by channeling your surplus attention into the task and is a method used a lot in musicianship classes by Kodaly teachers! The rhythm I'll be using is...

Syn-co-pa ta ta rhythm

The words underneath are the french rhythm sounds. If you say it out loud you should be able to hear the rhythm.

Let's have a go together!

Any rhythmic ostinato will work just give it a try!

Lastly I decided to have some fun and sing the drill in canon... with myself. I like this cause you can hear some cool harmony that is contained within the pentatonic scale.

Thanks for watching and good luck. :)

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