Preparing for the Brisbane Kodaly summer school!

333 Reading Exercises - Zoltan Kodady


In one month I will go to Brisbane for two weeks of intense study in the Kodaly philosophy of teaching! Part of the magic of Kodaly is being reminded what it's like to be a student of music and improving your own musicianship in order to be a better teacher. I enjoy being a student but feel I need to prepare myself so have been practising my practice methods and learning some classical canons to get ready.

Practice Methods!

Scheduling your time is really important for practice. The more you have to do the easier it is to feel overwhelmed. I like to get out a notebook and write down everything I need to do, then I schedule it into my practise session like this:

2:45 - Vocal warm up - 15 minutes

3:00 - Classical canon 38 10 minutes

3:10 - Pentatonic drill 10 minutes

3:20 - Dexterity in Solfa - 15 minutes

3:35 - Practise Fisherman's Horizon piano piece 10 minutes

3:45 - Go do something else for a while!

Writing down your practise schedule in advance takes away the need to think about it during the practise. I love to set a timer so I don't have to think about time either.

Another method I use is having a visual aid while I'm practising. This could be something like the circle of fifths or a chart of solfa, or just something nice to look at.

The one in my notebook looks like this.

Image of the Circle of 5ths

This helps in a lot of ways but mostly it's just great for choosing keys at semi random instead of defaulting to C major. Repetition is always the key so I try to spend my practice sessions playing instead of thinking about every step!

I'd love to hear from anyone who uses similar methods or has other practise tips!

Happy playing :)

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